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Implosion & Rusmel

In 2016 Ciclo was invited to do a 8 week artist residency with curator and founder Laura Reséndiz as part of SiTE:LAB group show for Artprize 2016, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

We worked mainly with the latin migrant families, but also with the white, black and homeless community of the Rumsey St. neighborhood. 
Being completely self funded, Ciclo needed (and got) some help from the local community, but recieved also donations made by mexicans.
I wanted to represent the importance of collaboration between different social groups, and these tables are an example of it. They were donated by local carpenters for me to paint on.
The first one is called Implosion, and it is an abstract composition of how opposites balance each other (thinking about the process of our art workshops in this place, where at the beginning the participants were exclusively latin women and girls, but slowly kids and adults from other racial groups joined the group. The last sessions where a mix of languages and races that showed me that co-working overcoming racial and cultural differences is definitely a solution.
The second one is called Rusmel, a cuban artist who helped us since the very beginning of the project. Building, photographing, and collaborating with the final installation, Chaos/Balance. This is a tribute to him and all the community of Rumsey St. who made this possible.

Acrylic on wood
Various sizes
Grand Rapids, MI, USA