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I happen to live in a country that is paradise. No matter in what direction you go, or you travel, you find unexpected magic places full of energy and history. A very dear friend of mine from Athens, Ino Karella, came to visit me for 2 weeks.
We did an amazing trip to Tulum and Chiapas. two completely opposite worlds. And here, I share for the first time pictures I took on the trip, which is how I find inspiration. By getting to know new places and vibes, and state of minds. This is the first part, as a thankful tribute to the caribbean sea.
I hope you enjoy them! with very much love, I post this to celebrate also the fresh start of a new year.
love and peace for all of us

This is a stalactite cavern called Cenote Dos ojos.

Some pictures taken by Ino Karella, who happens to be a big artist: