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My photographer friend Ximena Romero took these pictures at the Illustration and Painting Workshop we did in November of last year. As she said “I have never painted in my life” some very interesting and creative drawings and paintings came out during the weekend, which is a proof that we all have plenty of artistic blessings, its just about bringing them out!
You should have a look at her blog, It has beautiful inspirational things and photographs.


Neto is an audio engineer, and he was our official camera man during the weekend!  Guerrilla Recording. Frida is his loooovely chihuahua.

Contemporary Art (Theory)

Drawing exercises

Ximena´s first drawing!


Painting and Illustration Lesson 1


Our first guest, mexican painter Rafael Uriegas. He teached theory of Modern Painting.

Juan Manuel Torreblanca is a very talented musician, poet and visual artist.

Natalia Lafourcade is a wise person, moving musician and songwriter, visual artist and friend.

Ximena´s first painting! Inspired by Elizabeth Peyton 🙂


Life Model Drawing

Lian is a psychologist and cultural promoter, she is part of Cultura Colectiva, a mexican collective that promotes emerging artists of all disciplines. She has invited me to do lots of collaborations!

Abraham is a graphic designer and illustrator, and Martin is an economist and artist.

René de la Rosa is a director, filmmaker, designer and drawer.

Wallpainting Lesson

Our second guest, Cocolvú, is a graphic designer, illustrator, painter, and prolific visual artist.

Paola Pineda (3rd on top) is an architect, painter, and artistic project director.

And Ximena Romero, our official photographer!

Happy and tired 🙂

A guest.

This is me, mucho gusto!

Thank you to everyone, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! I hope to see you all at the 2nd Workshop in February!