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II Illustration and Painting Workshop, Mexico City, 2012

Last february we had the second Illustration and Painting Workshop here, in Mexico City. I invited two visual artists Vena2 and Diana Quintero that gave very interesting lectures and practical lessons. After a long and intense weekend, where the theme was to focus on...

First Illustration & Painting Workshop, Mexico City, 2012

My photographer friend Ximena Romero took these pictures at the Illustration and Painting Workshop we did in November of last year. As she said "I have never painted in my life" some very interesting and creative drawings and paintings came out during the weekend,...

Illustration and Painting Workshop, Part I

In November musician and visual artist Natalia Lafourcade invited me to do an illustration and painting workshop at her house in Mexico City, and we organized an intensive weekend of different lessons, with two visual artists as guests. Rafael Uriegas and Cocolvú . We...

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