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Illustration and Painting Workshop, Part I

In November musician and visual artist Natalia Lafourcade invited me to do an illustration and painting workshop at her house in Mexico City, and we organized an intensive weekend of different lessons, with two visual artists as guests. Rafael Uriegas and Cocolvú . We...

El Tono & La Quiñonera

French-spanish urban artist El Tono painted the historic building of La Quiñonera, in Mexico City, representing Anonymous Gallery from NYC, for the group exhibition "Espacio Flexible". I was honored to help him, together with Héctor Quiñones and Laura Reséndiz. Check...

Espacio Flexible, La Quiñonera, México D.F.

La Quiñonera is a historical and very impressive creative point in Mexico City, that had its boom in the 90´s. Bands like Caifanes or Café Tacuba started to play here, and Carlos Cuarón had his studio in the house. Now it has reopened its doors for exhibitions,...

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