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Earth and Air Mural

Acrylic on wall
Thulusdhoo Island, Maldives
November 2021

This mural is part of a dyptich dedicated to Mother Earth. This, the second wall, is a tribute to earth and the sky, and in this case I chose a Grey Heron as the protagonist of the mural (If you walk some meters from this place you will get to the beach where every morning you can see one of these birds standing in the water patiently waiting for its breakfast (small fish) to arrive. It seemed to me that he is the guardian of the island. In the mural it is surrounded by tropical plants and flowers, typical on the maldivian islands.

I was fortunate enough to live for one month on a tiny island called Thulusdhoo, painting two murals at Ocean Breeze Maldives, a beautiful B&B that will expand and open a restaurant where this mural is located. A lush tropical garden just a few steps away from the ocean.

Thank you to all the people who where involved in making it all happen, your help was everything!! Specially with my then 10 month old baby girl: Camilla, Ibrahim, Rauha, Meghan, Anna, Anja and all the kind people who came by to give good vibrations while I was painting under the sun 😀