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8 week artist residency with curator and Ciclo cofounder Laura Reséndiz. Installation as part of SiTE:LAB group show “Everything is Transformed”  as part of ArtPrize 2016, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

I wanted to document the process of the community engagement made as part of Ciclo Grand Rapids, with the black and latin community of the Rumsey St. neighborhood. The collage tells the story of our experience in that area, and all clue characters are depicted on the center piece.
It represents the duality between balance and chaos, with a direct reference to the violent past of the community (the majority of the participants where latin-american migrant women). Our work focused on trying to project a present and future based on respect and multiraciality, as well as healing traumatic experiences. The axe of our work for two months was to understand how (mainly latin) migrant women (and as a consecuence also their kids and teenagers) live the public space in this city.
We did several free workshops, one collective mural and one collaborative art installation. We cleaned and worked and built on a lot that became our “park” with neighboors, kids, homeless, latin, black and white people. It was voted as one of the 10 best spots to interact of Art Prize 2016. This place became a place to play, talk, love, and feel safe. It was a very deep and beautiful life experience.

4 x 4 m
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Part of Habitat for Humanity Art Collection, Grand Rapids, MI, USA, 2016.