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Ocean Mural

Acrylic on wall
Thulusdhoo Island, Maldives
November 2021

This mural is part of a dypthich dedicated to Mother Earth. The first wall is a tribute to the vast amount of flora and fauna present in the Maldivian Ocean.
I was fortunate enough to live for one month on a tiny island called Thulusdhoo, painting two murals at Ocean Breeze Maldives, a beautiful B&B and inside a tropical garden that will be its future restaurant. I use my work to communicate the urgency to take care of our planet and most of all our oceans. All the creatures I painted where part of my maldivian adventure and I saw them while snorkeling or diving. Being able to visit places like this connects you the escense of our planet, our home. The responsibility to save our oceans and all the life it contains is in our hands, and I hope that this mural passes on the message.

Thank you to all the people who where involved in making it all happen, your help was everything!! Specially with my then 10 month old baby girl: Camilla, Ibrahim, Rauha, Meghan, Anna, Anja and all the kind people who came by to give good vibrations while I was painting under the sun 😀