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From the 13 – 17th November 2019 I led the Nature Painting & Yoga Retreat in collaboration with Destination Namaste in the south of Corsica, France.

It was an inspiring and challenging adventure where we learned different disciplines that nonetheless are completely intertwined. Drawing, Yoga, hiking, observing, painting, focusing, breathing and meditating where some of our activities. Here a selection of photographs made by myself, Lara Boshoff, Daniele Amatizi and Camilla Tranquilini. Thank you all for this magical island adventure! And thank you CORSICA for this unforgettable colors and massive landscapes. You are so beautiful!

Day 1

Welcome everybody 🙂 
Let´s start loosening our hands and minds with this exercise. You are not drawing an eyebrow, you are drawing a shadow.
Camilla´s drawing.
And now we are ready for dinner! Pure vegan yuminess. 

Day 2

Bon Jour Figari!
Welcome brunch 😀  Some landscape theory Lets go discover a wild beach!
Some beautiful ocean treasures we found

Now its time to apply what we learned about composition and depth.
With some healthy snacks 🙂 
This friend spent everyday outside the window and door observing how we painted 🙂

Now its time to paint some masterpieces we choose to practice color theory and proportion. Polenta al sugo

Day 3
Some Yoga to start the day
Breakfast in heaven 😀 
Today the adventure is discovering a hidden river on the mountains. About a 40 minute drive from the house.
Learning to re-connect with our inner natural soul. Just listening, just enjoying. 
I was lucky enough to have my Mama participating on the Retreat! what an honour! 
Now that we have our heads full of ideas and inspiration, its time to practice drawing a 3D object. 
Camilla´s drawing! Well done Cami!!! Risotto alla Zucca.

Day 4

Bon Jour We love shavasana 😉
Today is the main activity of the Retreat. Use all the theory and practice of the previous days and paint a landscape Ain Plein Air. Special thanks to the sky that gave us a splendid morning without rain. When the first drops fell after lunch we knew it was time to head back home and continue painting with the chimney on.
Each one chose a spot where they liked the angle, the composition, the light, the scene.
Anisa discovering the beach
The hardest part is to have the courage and do the first line on a white canvas. The rest comes by itself!
So after a VERY productive day, we surely deserved an italian aperitivo! And dinner of course! All healthy and vegetarian meals with typical corsican and italian ingredients. 

Day 5

Starting the day with a silent meditative walk             Sadly its time to close our Retreat! It was an inspiring and beautiful experience, thank you Lara, Daniele, Laura, Cami, Anisa and Daisy for joining us. I hope we can meet and paint together again very soon! 
And thank you beautiful house for hosting our magical getaway and calming us with your views and garden.