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In november 2017 I did a two week Artist Residency at Hotel El Ganzo.
The hotel asked me to do something on the front wall of the hotel that looks straight to Marina Puerto Los Cabos, from where tours for the humpbackwhales and fishermen depart daily. It was also the first time that El Ganzo wanted to do a major mural in the outer space of the hotel (most of the artist´s interventions are inside the hotel, the lobby, bar, spa, swimming pools etc).
I immediately had the idea of depicting two guardians of the ocean. I wanted to do a huge humpbackwhale and a girl.

While I was painting the mural I held a workshop called “Let´s save the oceans” at El Ganzo Community Centre, where more than 30 people between kids, teenagers and adults participated. We all talked about the importance of plastic pollution at the beaches and specially in the ocean, and about how we all can make significant changes in our daily lives, and reducing our plastic consumption to the maximum.

 During the workshop I met sweet sweet Green Suitcase Travel follow her for learning new ways of travelling sustainably

I had a wonderful time and I´m super thankful for this experience. Each person I meet in these workshops leaves so much in me and makes me feel so fortunate to do this and do a little for our oceans an their conservation. Special thanks to Hugo Zanollo Photography and Francois & Sofia from the El Ganzo Community Project and everybody from Hotel El Ganzo.