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Street Art Workshop - Paola Beck
On December of 2012, we decided to finish the year being creative and learning how to do stencil. For the 4th Illustration and Painting Workshop of Street Art, Jenaro Visualcraft and myself organized an intensive weekend, where we learned the history of Street Art and started developing our own idea. Jenaro is a photographer, artist and friend who lives between Mexico City and Berlin, one of the most important capitals of Street Art in the world.



On Friday we learned about the history of street art, the importance of the concept behind the idea and the social responsibility behind this kind of artistic expression.



On the next day, first thing in the morning, we developed our own idea and after printing our compositions, we started cutting out each layer of the stencil. Looong hours of cutting out.

Of course we also had time to chill, cook and eat 😉

And after lunch, more cutting!



Spray paint time!!!!!

The catering was in charge of Pamela Macko, Nutritionist, artist and friend. Delicious and healthy menus all over the weekend 🙂

And after lots of work, sun and spray paint smell, this is what came out 🙂

Blanca, yoga teacher.

Martin, economist.

Dany, environmentalist.

Arturo, animator.

Paola, architect and painter.

Naiki, furniture designer and DJ.

Mafer, soon to be mom 🙂

Naoli, friend and business woman.

Martina, designer and artist.

Jenaro, photographer, street artist and globe trotter.

And myself.

From the 13-16th of June, the next workshop is going to take place in Puerto Escondido, a beautiful beach in Oaxaca, Mexico.

It will be an intensive workshop of four days focused in nature, and we will stay at Casa Mayita a beautiful house, surrounded by birds, open space and the pacific ocean. For more information please check out the event in Facebook, or write to