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On the 22-24th of june, the III Illustration, Painting and Photography Workshop took place in Mexico City. Alvaro Nates and Miguel Angel Cordera where the invited artists. Alvaro is a very talented photographer and Miguel is an abstract painter. Both work and live in DF.


Alvaro Nates

We experimented taking photographs at Alvaro´s studio in collaboration with Revês, a mexican dance-performance agency, and then worked on that images in both Abstract and Figurative ways during the weekend.

Priscilla Hernández, our model, made an impressive performance spending 7 minutes with each participant modeling, dancing, acting and feeling what each person had in mind. Alvaro guided us through the technical process of taking pictures with high quality equipment. But first, he gave us a lecture about photography showing us his favorite artists and explaining their technique and concept.

Before the shooting Alvaro explained to us some basic techniques about photography and the gadgets we had and how to play with them, and after each session (7 minutes each participant) he took a portrait of each one of us. One shot.

Here some results of the shooting:

By Vane

By Arturo

By Pame

By me

And here the portraits by Alvaro of each one of us:










and me.

After a very intense first day we all went home with our heads full of ideas.



Miguel Ángel Cordera is a mexican abstract painter, and we started fresh in the morning with a lesson in abstract art, analizing different artists and his own work. He explained his creative process and we chose some of the pictures taken the day before, and started to work on them.

Coffee Break 🙂

The catering was in charge of Pamela Macko, a nutritionist who made us very happy during the whole weekend with healthy and delicious munchies.

VERY happy!

After having lunch, we started painting. Each one chose between the pictures taken of Priscilla, or the portrait Alvaro Nates made of each participant after their 7 minutes with the model. So you could do a portrait or a self-portrait. Interesting things came out….



During the first and second workshop we started painting a huge mural, so it was time to finish it. It was sunny and it was my birthday as well, lucky me 🙂

Happy birthday to me 😀

As some amazing paintings came out on saturday, some of us finished them after lunch, and others continued painting the mural. We decided to do a little show with the paintings and celebrate my birthday, so some friends came over to celebrate with us. Thank you so much to all the people involved, it was for sure the best birthday of my life 🙂

Thank you Pame!!!! 🙂

Self-portrait by Poncho

Self-portrait by Vane

Me by Paola

Priscilla (our model) by Artruro, and Pame´s self portrait