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On Saturday 11th of April 2020 roman Rosso20sette Contemporary Art Gallery organised a Benefit Auction to support MEDU (Medici per i diritti umani/ Doctors for human rights) ONG that is taking medical and psycological care of more than 3,000 homeless and migrants who have no housing in different parts of Italy during the Covid19 emergency

In these particularly challenging times, whatever help we can do can make a difference. In the previous auction (for the Italian Red Cross) almost 700 euro where gathered in 12 hours. On saturday we expect to raise much more with your help!

Art can help us make a difference! The auction will be from 10 am to 10 pm italian time directly on the Instagram Profile of the gallery: @rosso20sette
All bids start at 200 euro and you can bid directly on the picture of the artwork on Instagram.

I am participating with this piece:
“The Awakening”
Oil crayons, acrylic and collage on wood
40 X 50 cm

See you on Saturday my friends! 🙂