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For half a year I worked with mexican rock band Atto & The Majestics, doing all the visuals for them, from their logo, corporate identity, graphic design, pictures to their artwork on cd´s, t-shirts, and merchandise for the Vive Latino Music Festival in Mexico City, 2011.
This is the double CD Bifocal, that came out in the summer 2010, by Imperial Records. It was very interesting and hard work to do this project, and it was the first time I did such a long and vast work for a band, I am very happy and thankful Atto chose me as an artist to do all this. Hopefully we´ll collaborate again soon 🙂
Pictures by Alvaro Nates:
The picture of the girl on the cover is from a fashion photographer I admire a lot, called Alvaro Puentes, and I found it in my collage chaos, but I havent found his website! you are welcome to share it if you know it or him.